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Iceland toll roads

Tolls in Iceland

When budgeting for your Iceland car rental, you'll need to consider factors like the cost of fuel and whether or not you have to pay tolls. Let's look at tolls in Iceland and whether or not they will affect your trip.

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Driving safely in Iceland on the Ring Road

Driving Safely in Iceland

Driving in Iceland is different that anywhere else on the planet. There are certain hazards unique to our island, so let's cover some tips for driving safely in Iceland.

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Debit and credit cards in Iceland

Debit and Credit Cards in Iceland: Essential Info

When using debit and credit cards in Iceland, there are some things to be aware of. From credit card PINs to car rentals, let's take a look at Iceland and credit cards.

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Thingvellir is one of Iceland's National Parks

List of National Parks in Iceland

Iceland has three national parks, all of which have different highlights and points of interest. To give a general overview, we've created this list of national parks in Iceland with attractions to give you an idea of what to expect.

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Guide to Iceland: A map with the country's regions

The Country’s Regions on an Iceland Map

Let's look at an Iceland map to see the highlights in each of the country's regions. Consider this your guide to Iceland and all there is to see.

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Chunks of ice at Diamond Beach, Iceland

The Diamond Beach in Iceland: Icebergs on Black Sand

While visiting the Sout Coast of Iceland, there's one stop you have to make. Go check out the pieces of ice on the Diamond Beach in Iceland across from Jökulsárlón.

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Iceland F-road in the Highlands

F-roads in Iceland: Access the Wild Highland Backcountry

F-roads in Iceland are your passport to the country’s wild interior. The backcountry of the Highlands are best explored with a 4x4 SUV.

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Snow in ski area in Dalvik, Iceland

Skiing in Dalvik, North Iceland

When visiting Iceland during the winter, you'll want to head north to take advantage of all the cold weather activities like skiing and snowboarding in Dalvik.

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Highlights of West Iceland's Snaefellsnes peninsula

Exploring Iceland's Iconic Snaefellsnes Peninsula

Snaefellsnes peninsula in West Iceland is perfect for a Reykjavik day trip. So what are the highlights and things to do when visiting Iceland in miniature?

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How long to drive around Iceland's Ring Road

How Long Does it Take to Drive Around Iceland?

It's important to know how long it takes to drive around Iceland's Ring Road when planning your dream road trip. While the answer depends on several factors, here is our best estimate along with advice about how long you should stay during your visit.

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